Chinook 234UT

World’s Largest Standard Transportation Helicopter

The Columbia Model 234 Multi-Mission Chinook helicopter is a twin turbine engine, tandem rotor, FAA type certificated standard transport category helicopter designed for global multi-mission heavy lift operations.
Unmatched in range, endurance, and heavy-lift mission capability, the 234 Multi-Mission Chinook is a year-round workhorse that can be quickly reconfigured to meet multiple mission profiles, expanding the aircraft’s economic efficiencies and return on investment.


Aerial Fire Suppression
Passenger Transport
Emergency response
Utility lift


Maximum Gross Weight
51,000 lbs
Maximum Hook Weight
25,000 lbs
260 n.m.
Fuel Capacity
1,000 gal.
Fuel Consumption
400 gal.
Cruise Speed
120 kts
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